Although WordPress already has strong security build within it, additional security features can prevent your site from most threats and keep it running issue free. A Security Assessment takes a look at how your site is set up, and configured, all the way down to your hosting account configuration.

With a security assessment, I’ll not only take a look for places at risk, I will make any corrections that are within your site’s current set up. I’ll make recommendations on anything else that will help your site to more secure, avoiding malware and hackers.



A few extra seconds with your page load time can make a big impact on your ability to connect with your audience and make sales. Having a fast site is essential. Not just for ranking well with Google, but for profits as well.

WordPress is set up to be quick from the start, but if the site is bogged down with plugins, database queries, and overlooked large images, it can take too long to load for many visitors to wait for.

I’ll check your site for speed and look for areas where there may be some issues. I’ll provide a list of recommendations for items that might need some extra consideration and effort to implement. All obvious improvements will be made on the spot.

In the end. Your site will be loading as quickly as it can, and your visitors will stay to enjoy it.

(Site Migration)


If you need to move your site from one hosting company over to another, this service will take care of all of it for you. Everything will get moved over smoothly and without any downtime on your site.

What is included in this service:

  • Transfer all of your files, themes, plugins and all of your uploaded media.
  • Change your DNS records to point to the new hosting account.
  • Move your database to the new hosting account.
  • Run a site check to be certain all things are running smoothly.



If your site feels out of control, outdated, or has lost its consistency over the years, a good combing through can be in order. After a few hours with your site, we can review a complete view of where things stand.

With 6 years of experience in designing new sites, fixing old sites, and refreshing many sites, I know how to spend a few hours with a website to learn exactly what its made of. Afterward, I can help get your site cleaned up and back in order, identifying out of date material or plugins, broken links, loss of SEO or no SEO, and more. I’ll provide a list of recommendations for fixes, updates, and improvements on your site that will bring it to date and attract more visitors and customers.


$120.00 / 90 minutes

Learn how to add your blog content so that it shows up in Google ranking. You will learn image optimization, choosing your keywords and staying creative, and using your Yoast SEO.


$175.00 / 2 Hours

Learn The Basics, and move into editing and changing your website’s content, while making sure on-page SEO is in place. Or use your extra time to learn something of your choice.


$350.00 / 4 Hours

Receive full training on updating your blog, adding/editing content including images, checking your site’s SEO, and learning how to update your website to keep it secure, and ranking properly.

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