Being Witnessed

and sharing the love

“a true creative”

Tina is able to capture the essence of her clients and assisting/supporting them in bringing that out in their websites.

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“a true creative” 900 506 Tina Carson

“listened to what we needed and delivered”

I am so happy with our website. Tina Carson listened to what we needed and delivered.

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“listened to what we needed and delivered” 901 506 Tina Carson

“captured who I am”

I love the way my website captured who I am in all aspects.

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“captured who I am” 150 150 Tina Carson

“such a good process”

So much creativity, energy, talks, laughs, and such a good process. Tina made me a website. I made me a friend! Oh, and my website is amazing.

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“such a good process” 900 506 Tina Carson

“a healing program”

She designed a healing program for me that was completely unique and the results in my life have been astounding.

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“a healing program” 709 710 Tina Carson


I love me some Tina Carson! Her music is a reflection of her: authentic, Spirit filled, and overflowing with love.

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“authentic” 900 600 Tina Carson

“walked beside me”

I made the shift from the little girl filled with shame, fear, and self-doubt to the woman I am today who is self-aware, compassionate, spiritual, powerful, and confident in her place in the world.

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“walked beside me” 900 599 Tina Carson

“love the energy”

Such a beautiful talent wrapped up in a beautiful soul!

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“love the energy” 900 600 Tina Carson

“frequent “aha” moments”

With her humor, she presents ideas and concepts in a way that enables one to have frequent “aha” moments.

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“frequent “aha” moments” 900 600 Tina Carson

“so much fun”

Her passion and joy are palpable both in her music and in her playing.

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“so much fun” 900 600 Tina Carson


Tina excels at energizing and inspiring her audience whether performing her original music or that of another.

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“energizing” 900 600 Tina Carson

“commitment to connection”

Knowing Tina is an unavoidable way to become a more inspired and true version of yourself.

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“commitment to connection” 900 601 Tina Carson

“heart opening”

Her presence is professional, heart-warming, heart-opening, and heart-touching.

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“heart opening” 900 600 Tina Carson

“humorous and impactful”

Tina's workshops are excellent, all-inclusive, humorous and impactful.

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“humorous and impactful” 586 476 Tina Carson

“energizing and inspiring”

Tina excels at energizing and inspiring her audience...

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“energizing and inspiring” 900 600 Tina Carson

“safe and sacred space”

I wanted someone who would empower every single child to live from their essence, to accept and celebrate every fiber of their own being and to sing because of it. Tina was the person for this job.

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“safe and sacred space” 900 600 Tina Carson

“a consciously curated experience”

Working with Tina on my website has been an absolute dream. Working with her is so much more than an impersonal transaction but rather a consciously curated EXPERIENCE.

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“a consciously curated experience” 900 600 Tina Carson

“gift of opening hearts”

Tina has a gift of opening hearts, whether it is through her presence, her words, or her music.

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“gift of opening hearts” 150 150 Tina Carson

“always eye level with you”

She has this ability to simplify things that seem impossible to conquer. She is always eye level with you.

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“always eye level with you” 900 850 Tina Carson

“soul touching and playful”

Tina’s music is both soul touching and playful, depending on the event or topic. Most of her songs have a story or meaning behind them and she is able to weave this together with her presentations.

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“soul touching and playful” 900 600 Tina Carson
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