The Place Behind my Heart


Tina Carson, Musician

There’s a place behind my heart. I believe we all have it. The place where our deepest passions lie. So deep sometimes that we find it difficult to talk about, and sometimes won’t even let ourselves think about. Dreams, desires, the things we want to do, places we want to see, and most of all the people we want to be. I don’t believe I was born with these passions just to be “messed” with. I believe this is the place of who I am. I remember lying in bed at night as a little girl terrified by the idea that I wouldn’t play music. Not just one day, but for the rest of my life. I didn’t even know how to play the guitar yet. It amazes me the desire that burned within me before I ever became that. When I was gifted the opportunity to learn, I devoured every moment of it. Music pulsated through me when I listened to it, when my mother and her sisters would sing in three part harmony in the kitchen during family gatherings, and finally, when I began to play it and create it for myself. It saved me. Playing music let’s me know that whatever is behind my heart, was meant to live and breath through me, as me. I believe this for all people. Music inspires me, and it’s always been a Source of inspiration and connection for me. Whenever given the opportunity to share it, this is the place I come from. Inspiration – the place behind my heart.

The Latest

Well, this video may not be the “latest”, but it’s fun, has a great message, and I had fun doing it. There are a few more videos on YouTube. I’ll add more one day. Soon!

“The reflection inside of me, turn it inside out, and set this dancin’ girl free”…

– Tina Carson, Dance With Me

I’ve always wanted to jam with an upright bass, and finally got the opportunity with my friend Alexis. This is one of my favorite tunes by Trevor Hall, “Moon/Sun”.

Where she goes, nobody knows! Always on the go. Seriously, I just really like this picture and wanted to find a place for it on my website. Advantage of being the Web Designer.

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