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What is Breathwork…

Breathwork is an active breathing technique used for profound personal growth and physical healing. Deep, connected breathing infuses the body with energy and creates an opportunity for the release of built up tension, stuck emotions, or traumatic experiences that have been locked in the body.

When we work on our bodies, by getting rid of trauma-related tension and behavior, we open the door to becoming better, more conscious human beings. The breath becomes our companion to awareness of our body and energy while relaxing the brain. Release, healing, and transformation begins.

When we realize that we have the ability to transform our energy from being stuck to being free, we become authors of our experiences, rather than victims. We feel more integrated with life, the planet, and other people. We impact the world differently. And most importantly, we connect with ourselves on a deeper level – with self-love.

We open the body through breath, ground our soul to our body, and begin to connect with our unique creative expressions – our purpose, talents, direction, intuition, and connection with the world around us.

The Benefits of Breathwork

  • Calm your nervous system and release stress
  • Boost your energy, mood, and stamina
  • Bring emotional clarity and calmness
  • Release tension, anxiety, and express unconscious feelings in a safe environment
  • Reduce blood pressure and strengthen immune system
  • Deepen spiritual awareness
  • Anchor joy and positive feelings in the body
  • Create safety in changing behaviors and patterns
  • Awaken connection with your creativity and self-expression
  • Become more conscious of how to nurture yourself and those around you

The Tools Used

  • Breath – deep connected breathing to activate specific belts of muscular tension and emotional patterns.
  • Movement -using both somatic and creative movement exercises to allow vibration and to release held energy in the body’s tissue.
  • Sound -I use vocalization, recordings, and live instrumental sounds as a resource of supportive tools to the nervous system and session.
  • Meditation – is where each session begins and ends. It’s used to support the client in the entire session.
  • Other Tools – include essential oils, sound bowls, crystals, sacred plants and offerings, and other tools that aid in the healing experience.

When working with me, we will be using:

Pranayama Breathing Technique –

Letting the breath lead the way.

A simple, yet powerful, self-healing breathing technique that I use as a primary tool for releasing the mind, connecting with the body, and understanding your energy. The practice of breathwork creates a foundation for your healing and growing journey. Through the breath we can easily silence the mind, while fully inhabiting the body. We can then tap into the wisdom and guidance that our bodies hold – leading us to live our lives consciously instead of unconsciously. The mind relaxes, the body relaxes, and the emotions or tension moves and expresses.

Where awareness goes – energy flows.

Through the breathwork journey, we begin to gain clarity about ourselves, our stories, what blocks us and how those blocks manifest in our decisions and relationships. Our development, or healing, accelerates as we become less reluctant to do the breathing and the work. There is a tremendous increase in awareness to the connections within, and outside of you. Through this grounding practice, you’ll learn the value of getting out of your head, into your body, and developing a sustaining relationship with your intuition, creativity, and the healing power of your Essence.

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release –

The art of breathwork and the science of trauma release – united.

When painful or traumatic events have been repressed, or when there is a barrier to our inherent need to give and receive love, our life-energy becomes constrained by physical holding patterns. Our breathing decreases, our tension and body armor increase, and we feel ourselves locked into patterns of behavior we want to change. It is through the breath that physical tensions, trauma, and emotional patterns can be freed from the body and mind, and healing can occur at the cellular level.

Connection with our true self begins with connection to our breath.

The system of BBTRS has been developed to integrate deep connected breathing with body awareness techniques, bodywork and meditation. When combined in an integrated flow and safe environment these techniques result in releasing long held trauma from the body and mind. Recovery is a journey and none of the dimensions of our being can be overlooked. Trauma healing requires commitment and attention to the body, mind, and spirit at different stages of the healing process.

asked Questions…

What is Breathwork?2023-03-29T15:45:43+00:00

Energy flows through our nervous system at all times. For most people, there’s an over dependance on our thinking mind. For some, it’s like grooves in a record – on repeat, blocking us from our physical, spiritual and emotional self, preventing healthy choices. The breath works to raise the energy in our bodies and quieting the mind. This allows us to reconnect to our bodies, release stuck energy, and create lasting personal transformation. Here, we are able to ground and expand our personal journeys.

I’m going to therapy, can I do Breathwork too?2023-03-29T15:50:16+00:00

These are complimentary modalities and are often combined concurrently.

Can anyone do Breathwork?2023-03-29T15:47:47+00:00

Yes! As always, those with known medical conditions are advised to consult their physician with any questions.

How often should I practice Breathwork?2023-03-29T15:54:50+00:00

Ideally, a daily practice of 7 to 10 minutes is preferred when in weekly sessions or difficult times. However, if you can make it a part of your weekly practices, you will still gain clarity and connection to your body and clear your mind.

What are the sessions like?2023-03-15T04:52:57+00:00

Each session runs about 75 minutes, giving us the time to identify your goals or intentions. You will be given an introduction explanation in your first session, and we will then move into the breathwork techniques. Each session will close with an integrative meditation, and check-in.

Can I do Breathwork on my own?2023-03-29T15:59:50+00:00

Absolutely! A consistent breathwork practice can benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Having a daily or weekly commitment of 7 to 10 minutes can help to reach a deeper state of mind and support your growth along the way.

Private sessions are offered in-person or online. Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes.
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