Web Design · Soul Journey · Breathwork · Musician


Web Design · Soul Journey · Breathwork · Musician

I’m Tina Carson. And I have an attitude. I am fiercely committed to serving people who are looking to express themselves. Whether through web design, self discovery and healing, or just seeking inspiration. 

— with a flare for fun, depth, and adventure!

Web Design & Services

I’ve been designing websites for 6 years, and have a knack for connecting with my client’s vision for their business. Being a solopreneur offers a personal touch to the design process as well. It’s important to me to have a clear focus on each project, and enjoy the journey along the way.

Together we can create a website that communicates who you are both visually and in content.

With experience in designing sites for new businesses, fellow solopreneurs, and companies with hundreds of products and a vast array of services, I’ve developed a process that is comfortable and efficient. Design examples and ideas are available for your review.

There are many types of websites and design options. I don’t do it all, however I’m committed to finding the right fit for your needs. Let’s discuss your vision.

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.
- Mary Oliver

Self Discovery and Healing — I see each human being as a Unique Expression. We all share many of the same qualities, but no one on the planet, or anywhere else, can say what you say the way you say it, or do it, or feel it, or, express it. And equally in our human experience, many of us struggle with authentic expression.

Through my own personal journey of healing and training, I have developed a unique way of walking beside you on your journey to self discovery and connection. With discussion, spiritual practices, and experientials, we will embark on a personal path that moves mountains and gives you space to be yourself.

musician tina carson playing guitar at outdoor cafe

Music — The place behind my heart. The deepest connection to the language that has no words. I am a musician who’s goal is to inspire and encourage some movement. Hips, hands, hearts, voices, or a set of closed eyes and a smile.

I perform a few times a month around the Orange County and LA areas doing just that, inspiring. Head on over to my music page and see if there’s something you may enjoy. There’s nothing like a live event though, when the vibrations are in real time.

Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea,
Drink the Wild Air


How can I serve you?

Please make yourself at home here. You might have come for one thing and stumbled upon another. You are invited to schedule a phone consultation and discuss any needs that you have.

Web Design & Services

Web Design that “gets you”, looks great, feels good, and most of all works for your business. Custom packages have been designed to fit most needs. Including training, so you’re left in charge.

Soul Journey Guidance

Explore self love and a healing connection with self through individual journeys, classes, and workshops that empower you to live your life courageously and confidently from your Essence. 

A Musician

Music is a key source of inspiration and connection for me. It’s the second universal language after love, and I’m blessed to be able to play it. Whether on a stage or around a campfire, it’s magic!


You can do what you love. All of it. Here are some words from people I’ve worked with in all of the areas of service I offer here. When you’re finished, let’s connect and discuss your needs.

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