Transformations & Testimonials

Here is a mixture of reviews & testimonials… to be a witness of courage, determination, and “tears in your ears on your living room floor” experiences is a sacred honor. 

Working with Tina has been one of the most pivotal and gratifying experiences of my life. When I met her, I felt so lost, trapped within a life where I had little power and little hope. She used a custom plan for me including exercises, experiences, and strategies in order to target my difficulties, and work through them with Grace and a confidence I never experienced. I made the shift from the little girl filled with shame, fear, and self-doubt to the woman I am today who is self-aware, compassionate, spiritual, powerful, and confident in her place in the world. She guided me to the person I always was but couldn’t find alone. Through her insightful feedback, compassion, guidance, and modeling, I was able to step into my authenticity.

-DW- Orange County, CA

Working with Tina is an unavoidable way to become a more inspired and true version of yourself. Her ability to show up and see people and love them and push them beyond the limits they knew they had in order to help them grow is astounding. Her essence is love, her commitment to human connection in every place is beautiful, her seeking nature and discipline in practice is inspiring beyond words and the time and love and mirror and space holding that she has given me is magical and incredibly precious to me. I admire her mountaineering-persistence to living life, and I feel honored to have gotten to really see her through our work together. Thank you for being an example of authenticity. And I’m grateful for all the pushes, I promise.

-AD- Seal Beach, CA

Tina was complete divine timing in my life. I hit a rough patch pretty hard in 2013. However, I feel, if we pay attention, the universe is constantly and abundantly supporting us. Tina was that constant and abundant guide for me during this time. She was/is attentive, thoughtful, direct, creative, loving, nurturing, open, patient, and showed me how to have fun still while I heal. She has this ability to simplify things that seem impossible to conquer. She is always eye level with you. She is never above or below. Every experience I’ve had with Tina guiding me it has been hand in hand with her. She offers fresh perspective, clear vision that helps so much with direction, and she is a warm warm blanket on the coldest of days. I’m so thankful for her.

-AH- Richmond, VA

Tina has served as a mentor and guide in my life for over 4 years. From the very first meeting we had I felt seen and heard in ways I had never experienced before. She designed a healing program for me that was completely unique and the results in my life have been astounding. I went from a fearful, trauma plagued, destructive version of myself to an expanded, authentic, empowered and joyful authentic version. She walked me back home to myself, supporting and unconditionally loving every step of the way until I could do so for myself. My gratitude for her is endless!

-MS- Memphis, TN

Tina is simply fantastic! Such a beautiful talent wrapped up in a beautiful soul! Love the music – love the energy!

-Jeff Harrison, Music Director CCSL

I love me some Tina Carson! Her music is a reflection of her: authentic, Spirit filled, and overflowing with love.

-Villa Willis, Mindful Coach & Speaker

Tina Carson is a delight! Our community loves Tina. She is so much fun, vibrant and passionate! Her passion and joy are palpable both in her music and in her playing.

-Jennifer Spear, Minister LBLCSL

As the Spiritual Leader of Harmony Center for Spiritual Living, my experience of Tina’s music is both soul touching and playful, depending on the event or topic. Most of her songs have a story or meaning behind them and she is able to weave this together with her presentations. She organically does this whether in a Sunday morning service or a concert setting. Experiencing her live is an uplifting, connecting experience. Tina herself is an authentic person doing her own spiritual work. She supports my ministry with beautiful sound and energy and my congregation adores her.

-Shawn Kindorf, Minister, DCSL

While looking for someone to lead the youth choir, I knew that I needed someone exceptional- someone who would bring much more than ‘song’ to these kids. I wanted someone who would empower every single child to live from their essence, to accept and celebrate every fiber of their own being and to sing because of it. Tina was the person for this job. Not only did she empower every single child, she formed deep relationships with each person- a relationship where they were seen and heard. Singing is vulnerable, and Tina create a safe and sacred space to let it all out, to sing even when you are afraid, to feel proud, and most of all to feel loved and honored.

-April Reeves- Denver, CO

Tina Carson is a gifted speaker. Her talks, but more important, her presence has made a difference in my life. Not only have I had the pleasure of working with Tina professionally, I have also been a participant in events that she has been a part of. Tina has a gift of opening hearts, whether it is through her presence, her words, or her music. Tina lives her life out loud, growing, teaching, and being a facilitator for healing and change through her example and her work in our world.

-Donna Baranyay

Tina Carson is a talented musician who excels at energizing and inspiring her audience whether performing her original music or that of another. She brings an authentic and fresh interpretation to the music and performs with reverence and/or humor as appropriate.


Thank you for the journey, and the gift of being the witness…