Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination and
life to everything.


The Present Moment

The present moment, in my experience, is most easily obtained when I’m playing my guitar. It’s especially keen when I’m in the midst of others, playing music, singing, and feeling the incredibly connected vibration of Presence in song. There’s a circle of dance when people come together to the sound and energy of music. In fact, from my observations as a song leader and performer, the physical dance begins with the dance of the heart.

I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. I was painfully shy about it. I would play in my bedroom with the door shut, still not aware that I could be heard through-out the house. My Mom confessed years later that she would stand outside my door and pray to God, “please don’t break her heart”. My love for playing ruled me. It was my therapy, my secret keeper, my Savior.

Today, it’s not quite that serious. It’s certainly a significant part of my Life Force, but I find much more joy and freedom in sharing it with others. I wouldn’t be who I am today, however, if my guitar wasn’t there for that little girl behind closed doors.

I hope to sing with you sometime soon!

The place behind my heart…

In my adult life, I was able to articulate that yearning a younger version of myself felt each night when the lights went out. I would lay in bed just tortured at times with the fear that I wouldn’t get to continue playing music.

What I’ve learned is that we all have a place behind our heart (I call it), that has a Divine Urge to Express. It’s so strong at times that it could be scary to admit. I found it to be quite simple, eventually. Hard work to get there, but simple in theory. It was, and is, my desire to express as myself.

There is a way to freedom of expression, and it begins with connecting with yourself. I’d love to show you how.

I Am Light

I Am Light

Dance With Me

The sun shines bright here in the desert, The wind chaps my skin
And I hear the distant thunder, but feel no drop of rain
The time has come for a new season, When life will change
The dead and dying will be buried, and new life will breathe again.
Show me the newness of the morning, Show me the wings of dawn
I want to see the curve on the horizon, I want to see where your love goes – when it goes on
There’s a new life through the sorrow, there’s a joy in pain
And there’s a rhythm in the healing, that will cause your heart to sing again

Dance, dance with me, Take me and show me how
The reflection inside of me, Turn it inside out
and set this dancing girl free

– Tina Carson
( 1995, I know how now 🙂 )

Contact me if you need music.
I do campfire sing-a-longs for s’mores.


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