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Transforming the stories from shame and unworthiness to personal freedom and self expression.

Guidance Session


Through guided sessions, we will explore your goals, your desires, and the challenges you are facing. We’ll use a combination of deep inner work, practical strategies, and breathwork sessions to provide openings and clarity to your experiences.

Our sessions together are supportive to any therapy or additional modalities you might already be using. Examples of healing can include breaking free from core wounds, limiting beliefs, stuck trauma/memories, and fear.

A 75-minute virtual, or in-person, guided healing journey.

*sliding scale options are available – for more information, contact me.

The session and the experience…

Personal Guidance is one-on-one conversations, practices, and deeper dives into the areas you are looking to upgrade, transform, or heal. I offer to support you through your personal struggles and goals. In a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, we will work together to gain new insights that you can immediately apply to your everyday life. Breathwork is used as a primary tool to provide sustaining and significant change. We will focus on the whole of you, not just one facet. To be in your purpose creatively, is to share yourself inspirationally to others around you, and live a more meaningful and authentic life.

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community & connection

Connection is health – join a group of humans supporting each other in community through groups, classes and gatherings. We explore practices and experiences to enrich our lives and personal growth. Through love, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, generosity and exchange, we create a space for deeper spiritual refinement – individually and collectively.

Join us!