There will be a time, a right of passage, when you don’t really know who you were, who you are, and who you can be. It’s natural – it’s life – it’s a journey. And it’s the makings of beautiful change. There is a safe space here for you to bring your messy, stuck, and complicated stories and desires for transformation. We will co-create your healing to meet you where you’re at, and to take you where you want to go. Are you ready? I’ll walk beside you…


the growth

Transforming the stories from shame and unworthiness to personal freedom and self expression.

Guidance Session

Through guided sessions, we will explore your goals, your desires, and the challenges you are facing. We’ll use a combination of deep inner work, practical strategies, and breathwork sessions to provide openings and clarity to your experiences.

Our sessions together are supportive to any therapy or additional modalities you might already be using. We will strengthen your ability to read your body’s physical sensations and emotional responses. We all have innate body wisdom that often hold the key to the positive change you are seeking.

Your journey is sacred –
let your heart be your guide

Every sacred journey begins with curiosity. Sometimes, it’s an experience that catapults us into great awakenings, higher consciousness, growth or healing. It’s through these moments of question and experiences that we discover our greatest potentials. We discover our own capacity to create, love, express, and participate in the flow and exchange of our lives.

Follow your heart, it is your inner wisdom compass. It will inspire you to fully inhabit your body and become empowered to trust your creative expression and intuition.

I’m here if you need someone to walk beside you…


community & connection

Connection is health – join a group of humans supporting each other in community through groups, classes and gatherings. We explore practices and experiences to enrich our lives and personal growth. Through love, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, generosity and exchange, we create a space for deeper spiritual refinement – individually and collectively.

Join us!