Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace

The I of the Storm


i of the storm

The I of the Storm

Embracing conflict, creating peace –
in an extraordinary time.

Dates: August 18th – September 29th (7 weeks)
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm PST
Place: LIVE Zoom video conference
Cost: Sliding Scale Investment: $110 – $35

Scholarships are available: no one will be turned away

A transformative process for difficult times.

Conflict of any kind can feel like we are at the edge of our resourcefulness. And the idea of embracing it can feel unnatural, even frightening. One of the most uncomfortable feelings is not knowing what to do or how to be when a situation looks and feels scary. Conflict is conflict because we don’t know how to relate to a perceived threat in a way that enables us to feel safe and okay. When this happens, the well of our resourcefulness seems to run dry.

In this class we will explore the principles of embracing conflict and creating peace in everyday life. Especially in our lives during these trying times of a global pandemic, financial instability, and the rise of social unrest.

We will expand upon ideas of wholeness as the energy of communion, principle, purpose, and nonresistance. Wholeness is not outside of you, nor is it separate from you. It is the essence of your true nature and spiritual identity. We have experiences, but experiences do not have to have us.

This class is for people of all ages, colors, sexual identity, backgrounds and disciplines, at all phases of their life’s journey. All are welcome!

In this class we will

  • Go beyond just managing conflict in your life to actually embracing it, allowing it to teach you what you otherwise might not learn
  • Discover the power of authentic being and conscious doing
  • Create a process that leads to peacemaking, with self, life, and the lives of others
  • Connect with your wholeness, worth, and communion with all life as we rediscover our interconnectedness
  • Learn how to answer a call to make and be peace

What’s included in each class

  • Guided discussions around book material and practices between classes
  • Supporting material, activities, and practices in sacred circle and breakout sessions
  • Co-create ideas for practical applications to our lives
  • Group support during current events and personal growth
  • Collectively welcoming joy and communion into our experiences together

Tina Carson is a Licensed Practitioner in Science of Mind / Centers for Spiritual Living, Breathwork Facilitator and Musician. She has been working with individuals and groups in Southern California for over 12 years, and has led workshops and classes for 7 years. Her passion is creating space for people to be witnessed, to learn, feel, and co-create a journey of healing that allows personal freedom to live life with purpose, joy, and expansion.



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