Private Groups

the healing & connection

Discovery. Healing. Connection. With your heart, your body, and your worth – Through your Breath.

Private Groups

$ – Inquire below

Breathwork session for individuals that are looking for a sustainable healing practice to:

  • Release tension and trauma from the body
  • Opens the possibility for creative expression
  • Emotional healing / Personal growth
  • Move stuck energy held in the body

A 75-minute virtual, or in-person, guided breathwork journey.

The session and the experience…

In every group session and workshop, I offer to support the group as we embark on a powerful journey through the breath. We will co-create a mindfully curated intention, theme, or topic for the group, and work together to gain new insights that will expand awareness and understanding for each individual. Breathwork groups are a powerful way to amplify the energy and healing of all who are present. They are valuable in creating meaningful relationships, connections, and  community. We will work together to meet the specific needs of your team, workshop or group.

  • You will receive a confirmation email of your booked session. I will personally reach out to you to schedule your group to be held either through zoom or in-person.
  • Please add as a contact to ensure the emails you receive are delivered to your inbox. Check your spam folder if you don’t see your confirmation email.
  • If being held through zoom, instructions and a link to join the group will be sent to the group leader, or individuals per the group leader’s request.
  • No credits or refunds will be offered for this group workshop with less than 24 hours notice.

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Have more questions about Breathwork?
Here’s a deeper dive…


community & connection

Connection is health – join a group of humans supporting each other in community through groups, classes, and gatherings. We explore practices and experiences to enrich our lives and personal growth. Through love, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, generosity, and exchange, we create a space for deeper spiritual refinement; individually and collectively.

May you find companions for your journey!